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Over the years we have received allocades from our clients and we would like to share some of their comments here:

 From: Vanessa Bivens, Sr. Vice President, Northwest Office, Coldwell Banker United, Realtors


Cindy Gibbs has the unique ability to stage a home so that it sells more quickly and for top dollar. She is the best designer I have worked with in my 24 year real estate experience. She can often utilize a seller's current furniture and decorator items and create a cleaner, fresher look by rearranging and restaging. With a reasonable budget she can create a dramatically more attractive presentation for the property. Her services are a great value. I would never market a property without utilizing her expertise.

Vanessa Bivens

Sr. Vice President, Northwest Office

Coldwell Banker United, Realtors

From:  Suzanne Barton, Uplands in Austin, Texas

Cindy has been invaluable in helping me decorate my home, from the cabinets and paint to the furniture and accessories. She makes herself available to me when I need her and is truly a pleasure to work with. I receive many, many compliments on her work and would happily recommend her to friends.

From:  Julie Pagliai, Anderson Mill in Austin, Texas

Cindy Gibbs was a tremendous help in coordinating the renovations for our home. Working under a tight deadline, she presented options, communicated what the results might be, organized the work, ensured a quality product and provided follow-up. It was a pleasure to work with her

From:  Claudia Woodworth, Jester Estates in Austin, Texas

Cindy, thank you for the staging you did at our house last night. I can't believe the difference it has made. After you left, my husband and I walked from room to room, astonished at the looks like a model home now! I can't imagine how anyone who walks through the door will not want to buy it. Thank you again. It has made a wonderful difference.

From: Karen Jeffries, Jester Estates in Austin, Texas

Thank you so much for helping me to make my house a welcome place to come home to. After you "staged" my house to sell (and we got several offers in a very short period of time) I knew we wanted to have you help decorate our new house. You took my ordinary things and put them together in a way that made our house shine. Other real estate agents and clients had nothing but compliments for the way our house looked. I owe that compliment to your decorating talents.

After we moved into our new house and had boxes everywhere, it was such a relief to know that you were going to help us pull this place together. The fact that you can do that with the "stuff" that we already owned helped tremendously. The suggestions that you had for what I did purchase helped to make this house look warm and tasteful. I would have spent countless hours trying to decorate (as I have in the past) and I wouldn't have been happy with the result. You came in and moved things around and used unexpected items, and made our house a home to be pround of.

People were amazed that our house looked so good so fast. I told them it was because of you. Thank you for taking the time to find out what was important to us in decorating, for using the most of our own items to decorate with, for thinking of what would work for us when you were out and about shoppingg, and for being friendly and humorous while you did all of that.

I enjoyed discussing ideas with you, transforming my house with you, and especially learning from you. I look forward to working with you when we need your help in the future. Best of luck with your future jobs...I know you'll do well.

From: Barbara Marsh, Jester Estates in Austin, Texas

Cindy, I want to let you know that my house sold right away. We started showing it on Saturday, March 20th and it sold yesterday March 23rd.

You did a fabulous job in making my house look beautiful.  It was fun working with you and as I mentioned after we finished, I was reluctant to leave.

I think it's hard to come into someones home and tell them what looks good and what doesn't, but you handled yourself with such respect for my personal decor and collectibles and made it a very enjoyable experience.

From:  Darrell Daugherty, Builder in Austin, Texas

Just a quick note of thanks again for coming out with Liz yesterday and "transforming" my house. I know I don't have much to work with around here but you made things look like a model home...amazing! You are great at what you do. I look forward to working with you again on the homes I build and on my personal home as well.


From:  Teresa Gouldie, Realtor

I highly recommend Cindy Gibbs to anyone who wants to take their business to new heights.  I was referred to Cindy a little over 2 years ago by Liz Hogue in our office. I hesitated using her services at first because the cost was higher than I was accustomed to paying.  However, once I experienced the level of expertise she provides, my business was transformed and she become an integral part of every listing I take. I've used many stagers in the past, but no one compares to what I've seen Cindy do - she is definitely in a league of her own! I am continuously amazed at the way a home looks when I walk into it at the beginning of a listing, and what it becomes after Cindy puts her magic touch on it.  I always refer to her with my sellers as my "secret weapon", and the results speak for themselves.  As an example, in reviewing 8 of my more recent listings, they sold in 11,4,2,1,13,1,4,and 7 days respectfully - we had multiple offers on 5 of them - and 4 sold at full price. One offer was at $2,000 above asking price, and another was at $10,000 above asking price! I attribute much of that success to Cindy, because I am confident that with her help we set my listings apart from the competiton and make them stand out above the rest.

So, in closing, what I've discovered is that by enlisting Cindy's help, I definitely pay more up-front, but I've gained so much more in the long run. I'm able to price my listings at top dollar, they sell quicker and for more, I get many more referrals from very happy sellers, and I'm provided with great advertising for future listing calls as everyone watches the sold signs go up very quickly. I am truly grateful to Cindy for the incredible impact she has had on my business.

Teresa Gouldie

Coldwell Banker, Richard Smith Realtor

9442 Capital of Texas Highway North

Arboretum Plaza 1, Suite 600

Austin, Texas 78759

From:  Phyllis Kolar, Rob Roy in Austin, Texas

Our house was built in 1990-91. Our builder Ray Tonjes recommended Cindy Gibbs to help us select all of the things involving the inside of the house - paint, wallpaper, hardware, appliances, window treatments, carpeting, tile for the kitchen and baths, furniture and other amenities for the home.

We were very pleased with her help in the selections we made. She knew where to locate all the items we needed and at the best prices.

I have not tired of any of the selections we made and all our friends and family think we have a lovely home. We do alot of entertaining and we are always proud to open our home to our guests.

From: Betsy Gallagher, Realtor

Hi Cindy,

Just talked to Mary...she is so impressed with you that she told her friend in Lakeway who has her house on the market.  I gave the friend, Lindsay your contact information.

Also, Mary just told me that she may hire you for her new home in Steiner...that would be great!

Thanks again for working with us yesterday!

Betsy Gallagher

Realtor, Coldwell Banker United

9442 Capitol of Texas Hwy. North

Arboretum Plaza 1, Ste. 600

Austin,  Tx  78759


512-343-1224 fax

From:  Donna and Blaine Johnson, Waterford in Lago Vista, Texas

Cindy, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely "thank you" for all your help this year in both selling our previous home and in helping make our new lake house the "dream home" we wanted.

First...selling our previous home.  Like most homeowners, we thought our home was "perfect" and we had the normal "emotions" when we decided to sell.  From an "owner" perspective, we may have been correct.  However, when we met you and had an opportunity to listen to your design consultative perspective from a "buyers" perspective, you convinced us that we needed some help on both "what to do" and "how to do it" in preparing our home for sale.  You not only recommended and provided some design and presentation changes, but also presented these ideas in a way that was both sensitive yet firm to your convictions and our emotions.  The end result...our home sold in 3 weeks at 97% of our asking price!  We are firmly convinced that your contributions had a key influence in making this happen...and this was done in a challenging real estate market!

Second...when we found the lake home we  wanted, we knew that it could be the "perfect" home for us, yet needed the "final touches" to turn it into the dream home we envisioned.  Like many homebuyers, we knew the "general" look and decorative touches we thought we wanted, but from there we were not sure "how " to proceed.  Once again, you came to the rescue!  You listened to what "look" we immediately took charge, came up with your ideas, recommendations and options that created the road map that would take us to our dream home.  Once we all agreed, you did some things we feel are generally missing from design consultants.  These included "finding" all the decorative resources and pieces we needed, scheduling and managing all the activities involved and most important...keeping us within  the budget guidelines we had agreed to.  Many people have "ideas" but the hard part is turning ideas into realities.  And finally, you did this in a timely/organized fashion and provided great communication on the progress of the job.  Tha end result...our lake house is now truly the drream home we envisioned...and far exceeds the results that would have happened if we had done this on our own...and for that, we will be forever grateful!

While it is impossible to properly capture all the services and help you provided in a letter, we hope the statement "You are the Best" somehow shows our appreciation and thanks for being our "design partner."

Please feel free to not only use us as a "more than satisfied" referral, but also bring perspective clients to our home to "show and tell" what you helped us accomplish.

Regards, Donna and Blaine Johnson

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