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Apartment Living - Interior Re-design
Apartment Living - Interior Re-design

First, decide on a "style" like rustic, modern, traditional or country French.  Keep in mind that some styles are easier to find and cost less than other styles.  If you stay with the same style and basic color scheme throughout your apartment it will give your look continuity, harmony and balance.  Ultimately creating a sense of space and making the apartment feel larger.

When considering a color scheme choose 2 or 3 of your favorite colors and use them throughout.  Too many different colors in a small space can be visually distracting.  Change the hues and intensities of your selected color scheme from room to room adding a splash of a complementary color for variety.


The scale of your furniture becomes very important in a small space.  Buy one or two upholstered pieces that are medium scale, nothing with flaired, overstuffed arms that take up space.  Tables and case pieces can have dual functions once you decide your lifestyle and shop with those ideas in mind.  Be sure to measure your doors and small hallways so you can get your new furniture in the room you bought it for.


Stay focused!  Carry fabric swatches and paint chips with you everywhere, you never know when that perfect piece will appear.  Make a list of the pieces you are looking for along with dimensions, it will help keep you on track and buy only the pieces you need.


Don't worry about a designer coming in and telling you to get rid of everything.  They are people with unique skills and professional training with an eye toward balance, scale, texture and color.  They do not judge your belongings, they place them throughout your apartment to enhance the overall feel.  A designer will use and move your belongings in ways you would never have thought of.


You may be moving into a new apartment, combining his and hers, or just want to "freshen up the tired." Whatever your reason contact an interior re-designer today and start stirring up you life a little!

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