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Realtor - Home sales - Interior Re-design
Realtor - Home sales - Interior Re-design

Thank goodness we live in Central Texas!  Even though our home sales in Austin and the surrounding area are better than the rest of the country we still need to do everything possible to stay ahead of our competition.


One of the most dramatic strategies you, a realtor can do to increase sales and decrease days on the market is staging.  Research shows that well staged homes sell approximately 32% faster than non-staged homes.  That translates to 13.9 days on the market instead of 31 days.  Staged homes sell 50% faster than non-staged homes.  And the increase in the sales price of a staged home compared to a non-staged home was between 6.9 - 10%.  That's huge!


Never heard of staging or don't believe in staging?  I've been staging for realtors in Central Texas for well over 10 years.  My program varies according to which realtor I am working with.  I am flexible and accommodating to each realtor and their style of business.  Call me to talk about the exciting possibilities of staging and how it can increase your business in 2008.

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