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How to Purchase Custom Window Treatments

First determine your priorities.  Think about the function of the window treatment.  Do you want it to cover the entire window.  Do you want it to open and close.  Do you want it to be simple or elaborate, informal or formal, to the floor or a valance only.  These are just a few questions the designer will be asking you so that she may get an understanding of what you want from your window treatment.

Next consider the colors you want. It may be as simple as one color or as complicated as a combination of colors.  Do you want the colors to blend in with the room or stand out.

Cost or budget is very important and needs to be discussed.  Custom window treatments can be expensive.  The size of the window, the design of the treatment and the fabrics and trims used will determine how much the treatment will cost.

The design possibilities will be determined by the window shape.  Does it have an eyebrow arch, or maybe it has a half circle arch, or is it a wall of windows.  Designs today are very creative compared to when our grandmothers were choosing their window treatments.  Let your imagination go, have fun with it.

The next consideration is quality.  Don't compromise by purchasing "seconds".  It is impossible to fabricate a beautiful window treatment if the fabric has flaws in it.

 Does the designer provide good service.  Is she prompt for your appointments.  Does she cancel appointments often.  Does she give you plenty of choices of designs and fabrics.  Is she comfortable to work with.  Does she explain the process in detail and not leave you wondering what's next.

It is your designer's job to check installer's references and jobs so that you receive a quality installation.  It is best if she has been working with the installer for many years and has a rapport with him.

Second, determine your needs.  Such as, is privacy an issue, how long will I be in this home, how much light do you want and need in the room and is fading of furnishings an issue.

Third, is how to select an interior designer.  Probably the best way is by referral.  If you see a window treatment that you like, ask the homeowner who helped her with it.  The Yellow Pages or magazine ads are obvious ways to find someone.  Some designers have a website you can go to to check them out.  Once you have narrowed the field down to 3 or 4 call them and ask them questions about how they work, how long it usually takes to get a window treatment made and if they can furnish you with names of past clients.

And fourth, meet with the designer you have selected.  Have a list of questions ready.  Be prepared to express your desires.  Have pictures of window treatments and color schemes from magazines that have caught your eye.  Pictures really help because sometimes people don't know the language of design and don't know how to express what they want.  Talk about the budget,  your designer needs to know what you are thinking. Window treatments are one of the most important elements of deisgn in a room.  They soften not only the window but the entire room.  They bring color into the room and their design style sets the theme for the entire room.  Window treatments make a room feel cozy and actually help with the acoustics of the room.

Your window treatments are an investment.  They should last between 15-20 years if not longer.  So choose your designer carefully, she has a great impact on the finished product and on how much you enjoy the process.

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