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Arranging picture groups

A group of pictures makes a stronger statement than a single one and, with a little planning, turns a blank wall into an eye-catching feature.  Arrange displays depending on the subject matter, the size of the pictures, their shape and type of frame.

Choosing the Shape - Take furniture arrangement into account.  If there is a blank space around a sofa, create a cozy corner using an L-shape around one end.  Also make sure that the color and style of the surroundings suit the frames and their contents.

Choosing the Height - Pictures should hang just above eye-level.  This will be lower in seating areas (dining/living room), higher in areas for standing (hallway).  Measure down from ceiling to top of eye - level, mark guidelne in pencil, then hang pictures below it.

Choosing the Lighting - Choose subdued effects that will not reflect in the glass.  Wall lights on either side add atmosphere while picture lights emphasize prints.  Avoid any lighting that shines directly into pictures as it will reflect and detract from the images. 

Arranging Pictures:

Step 1  Measure the width, length and depth of the wall area where the pictures will be hung.  Mark out an area that is equivalent in size and shape on the floor using  newspaper as a template. 

Step 2  Arrange the pictures on the newspaper.  With varying sizes, balance a larger one against two or three small ones.  Move them around, trying different positions until the overall effect looks right.

Step 3  Make sure that spacing is consistent-three pictures in a row should be the same distance apart.  Draw a miniature plan of the arrangement.  Measure pictures and spaces and note these on the plan.

Step 4  Taking one picture at a time, pull hanging wire taut.  Measure from the taut wire to the center top of frame.  Note measurement for each picture on the plan.  Allow for this distance when hanging.

Step 5  Starting top left, transfer all picture and spacing measurements onto the wall with light pencil marks.  Use measurements noted in step 4 to position picture hooks.  Gently hammer in place.

Step 6  Hang pictures in same order as the newspaper design.  Use a level to check that they are straight.

Good Luck!

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